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I’m Maree, married to Gary and we have nine wonderful children. We live in Lower Hutt where I am able to organically grow many of the herbs I use in my practice.I was born in Dunedin and am thankful now for all the gardening knowledge Dad passed on on to me as he tended all the vegetables we ate for many years.

I am passionate about helping people take control of their own health through learning about nutrition, herbs, exercise and lifestyle. Many people due to busy lives are left feeling stressed and run down and there are a lot of herbs that can be used to restore health.

Heavenly Herbs, Lower Hutt, registered Medical Herbalist

As your average Kiwi I ate lots of white bread, jam and sweet baking. I didn't really spare herbs a thought except for parsley and a few common ones.

All that changed when I became a Christian at age 26 and started to realise God wanted to bless every area of my life. Although I have experienced miraculous physical healing of my body, God doesn't always do that. When I came across verses in the Bible about herbs ( eg. Gen 1:29, Heb 6:7) I began to realise there was a lot more to herbs than I had realised. Herbs seemed to be another piece in God’s good health jigsaw - in addition to good nutrition, water, exercise and lifestyle.

As I look back now I can see that He has prepared me to be a medical herbalist in many ways.

  • Four years of learning Latin at school has been invaluable in learning the botanical names of herbs - something a medical herbalist has to know to do research.
  • The Bachelor of Science degree I studied for has left me with a good knowledge of parts of plants and the human body etc. God has blessed me with a good brain and I gained distinction in my studies.
  • My post-primary teaching diploma and time spent teaching has taught me how to explain solutions to people.
  • The computer course I did recently has equipped me with tools to keep up with scientific research.
  • The Herbal Correspondence course I did from the States some years ago and the short courses I have taken in Lower Hutt over the years gave me a good grounding for a more advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine later.
  • My Diploma in Herbal Medicine a 3-year course, 2008-2010, was a great opportunity to learn about a huge range of herbs, their uses and also their many contraindications, so I can safely prescribe them
  • My children have given me many opportunities to get practical experience in prescribing herbs and experimenting with good nutrition.



I am continually amazed at the way God has given us the exact remedies we need in the herbs themselves and the way we can use them, e.g., the use of Dandelion as a diuretic. With many orthodox diuretics (drugs that increase the flow of urine), a potassium supplement is needed to compensate for the loss of potassium whereas in using Dandelion the leaves naturally have a high content of potassium which means a supplement is not needed. Herbs can be used successfully on their own or in conjunction with other medical treatment.


Maree Heavenly Herbs, Lower Hutt

I am a member of the local Herb Society and am continually expanding my knowledge of herbs through study and growing and using different herbs. My membership of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists keeps me up to date with the latest research and developments. It is also a chance to connect with colleagues in the natural health field at our conferences.

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  • BSc. Otago University (Degree with distinction)
  • Extensive laboratory experience
  • Diploma of Teaching (Post Primary)
  • International College of Herbal Medicine (3-year Diploma)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Fertility
  • On-going training in natural health
  • Member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists


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Client Feedback

Meadow Foam Oil Moisturiser
I have tried many other commercial hand creams over the years and nothing has worked as well as this great cream, it doesn’t have any organic solvents in it which is very important for Scleroderma patients ... Your meadow foam oil moisturiser works a treat. 2-3 applications of the cream will heal my hands and I won’t have to re apply for quite a few weeks. You will truly value this cream
Breast-feeding drops
Thanks very much for the breastfeeding drops, I think it’s working well and quite easy to take. Just thought it’s nice to get positive feedback.
I’m so desperately grateful and happy what you gave me is all natural. You have certainly got me right and I am going every day.
Eczema Cream
 Thanks Maree for taking care of our daughter Charlotte’s eczema. It only took a couple of weeks from visiting you and the eczema was completely gone from her torso, arms and legs. It only required a slight tweak in her diet and the eczema cream you provided was amazing to say the least. I love that we no longer have to use steroid based creams and to have found a completely natural product that works is a real blessing. Thanks again for your time, dedication and care. You have certainly made a profound difference to Charlotte. No more sleepless nights due to itching and scratching for us!!
Weight loss
This has been a great year. With Maree’s help I have been able to lose 22 kg in weight. People comment about how much slimmer I look, and I feel better too. Maree gave me regular advice on health, nutrition, diet, portions, lifestyle and exercise. I had regular consultations to check on progress, have questions answered and receive additional tips and advice. This kept me accountable to the plan. My family are proud of how I’ve progressed. 
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