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Natural Fertility

Natural fertility helps women increase their fertility without using drugs. In NZ one in ten couples have difficulty conceiving. To solve this problem couples often look to ART (usually IVF) which involves large amounts of money, has ethical and moral concerns and offers only a 20-30% chance of conception. In comparison, Natural Fertility surveys show 80% chance of overcoming fertility issues resulting in a healthy baby. (Foresight UK study 1995)

What is involved with Natural Fertility?

  • Preconception care for 3-4 months to ensure healthy eggs and sperm and foetal development. Sperm take up to 116 days to form and eggs are susceptible to damage up to 100 days before ovulation. This involves charting your mucous and temperature changes and using abstinence or barrier methods during your fertile periods. This is also helpful for post birth contraception if needed.
  • Detox tonic
  • Treating any reproductive issues such as PMS, low sperm count or motility, lack of ovulation, history of miscarriages, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome.
  • Enhancing nutrition and water quality
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoiding environmental toxins
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Stress reduction
  • Hormone balancing herbs and supplements as needed
  • Ideal if both parents are involved

Natural Preconception care can improve fertilization outcomes if using IVF.

Maree is a Natural Fertility Specialist with a Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Fertility.

Fertility Consultation Fees

First Visit$90
Follow Up$75

Any herbal medicines and nutritional supplements needed vary in price and are not included in the above prices. The cost of herbal remedies varies according to what you are prescribed and cost about $17-25 per week. Herbal medicine comes as tinctures, herbal teas, tablets and creams. The herbs used are organically grown in our own garden where possible or else ethically sourced from reputable suppliers. At the end of the consultation payment is made for the consultation and any herbal medicines, teas, creams etc that are prescribed.


We require 24 hours notice for any change/cancellation for a booking. Otherwise a cancellation fee of $30 applies.

Payment Methods

  • Internet banking
  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • Eftpos (at the clinic)

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Client Feedback

Thanks again for helping us get our Noah back on track, it's such a relief having a healthy, full spirited 3 year old again!
Learnt Heaps
Very fun afternoon. Learnt heaps in a very relaxed environment.
Breast-feeding drops
I recommended the Heavenly Herbs Breastfeeding drops to one of my ladies and after 2 weeks of taking them her milk supply was fine
Relaxing tea
Since taking your relaxing tea my hypertension is not as bad. The tea is amazing and tastes so nice. If I start stressing I have a cup and feel so relaxed for the day. Thanks so much
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