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Lemon Grass Natural Hand Cream
Can I get another hand cream please? Yours is the best!
Painful Periods
When I came to see Maree I had extremely heavy and painful periods after having babies, Low energy and exhaustion. Now 6 months later I have seen a huge improvement- periods lighter, no pain, more energy, brain working again. 100% improvement just what I needed to get back on track. Before seeing Maree my condition felt quite hopeless. Now I feel great and can handle all that life throws at me.
Menopause/Night sweats
I was having night sweats 4 to 5 times a night that were lasting at least 10 minutes each time. Due to this my sleep patterns were very interrupted plus I felt like I was burning up. Maree gave me a tonic to help with these Menopausal symptoms and from the first day of taking it I haven’t had any more! I was not expecting such a quick result and would recommend Maree to anyone with Menopausal issues as I feel so much more refreshed due to sleeping better
I am delighted with the results of taking your magic potion. No more flatulence, abdominal pain or constipation, and probably the improved quality of sleep And freedom from headaches can also be attributed to it. My sincere thanks
I had an infection that had been going on for just over 4 months, in and out of the doctors. Leaving with antibiotics each time, bloods and other samples all came back clear, ultra sound came back clear. Their words were they really do not know what was wrong with me and that I may have a rare condition called _____ it was so long I cannot remember – but basically no cure and I would just have to live with it. In desperation I made an appointment with Maree, who gave me some tea to drink, pro-biotics, told me that I am only allowed one coffee a day and also to drink 8mls of this stuff twice a day and warned me it wasn’t very pleasant tasting (she was not wrong!). I did exactly what I was instructed to do and was healed within 4 days.I have told Maree that if someone comes in and has the same syptoms or she thinks it would be of value talking to me, I am more than happy for her to give my number out. I also took my son to Maree at the same time, who was suffering anxiety and anger/frustration issues, she told him to reduce sugar, eat lots of oats and also gave him some stuff (also not very pleasant on the pallet) and a tea to drink– and even he has noticed a difference in his state of mind (he is 13yrs old and has been like this all his life). He is now an even tempered happy young man, wish I took him to see her years ago too. Thank you so much Maree
I had PMT which affected my life a lot. After about 4-5 months of taking Heavenly Herbs liquid herbs I have virtually no PMT symptoms. That is so great!!!
Relaxing tea
My husband’s Mum and Dad absolutely LOVE your tea!! My father-in-law first tried your relaxing tea at my house and loves it so much that he asked me to get some (which is pretty amazing as he only normally drinks Bell). As for my mother-in-law, I gave her your digestion tea and teapot for Christmas and she also asked for more
Sun screen cream
I’ve been looking for a natural sunscreen for a long time as my skin is very sensitive. I absolutely love Maree’s sunscreen- it’s light, a great moisturiser, non-greasy, does not sting at all and feels great on the skin- everything I have been looking for.
Liked everything especially making hand cream and tooth powder. Relaxing and fun
Eczema Cream
My son has had dreadful eczema on and off since birth and this had been kept somewhat under control with doctor prescibed hydrocortizone.  Suddenly at the age of 10 the eczema was completely out of control.  We visited doctors and paediatricians, and were using incredible amounts of hydrocoritzone, wet bandaging, avoiding soap and washing detergents but were not sucessful in getting the skin back under control.  We had weeping sores and a very unhappy boy. After a year of not seeing improvement and discovering if we missed a day of hydrocortizone we were back to square one,  I found Maree’s details on another site and asked if she would be able to help us.  I am very appreciative of how different life is 18 months down the track. We have not used any hydocorizone in 16 months.  Maree helped us pin-point a food allergy and we use her B12 cream with excellent results.  Thank you so much Maree
Moisturising Cream
A lovely light cream which feels so nice on my skin. I like that I can use it around my eyes without any problem
Relaxing tea
Since having my children I have been a very light sleeper. This tea of Maree’s really works well. It has helped me to sleep well again
I went to see Maree to get help re a coming flight. The tonic and tea she gave me have helped so much. I would normally be so stressed by now at the thought of flying and I am feeling so good.
Weight loss
I want to thank Maree Murphy for meeting with me one-on-one and helping with a healthy living and fitness plan. Since I started taking Heavenly Herbs I have stopped taking chemical drugs. You could have put me on that well-watched show, "Are your drugs killing you?" In the past two years I have never been so sick. But healthier food and diet and exercise has changed my life. My body no longer feels like a ninety year old’s, and my energy levels have allowed me to get back into running in the past three months. I have learnt that the best diet in the world is to cut out all the junk food. Do that and you’re 3/4 of the way there. Then you need to clean out your system... I’ve never felt so healthy in my life. I have always been on antibiotics, a chemical drug for every health problem. You name it, I’ve more than likely had it. The upside to healthiness is you lose weight. Woop woop. I only recommend what has worked for me and I recommend Heavenly Herbs. A lot of people have asked me what I’ve taken. My answer is make an appointment as we all have different health issues. And what suits me is different to you. The face cream also beats any expensive moisturiser I’ve ever used... I get comments or am asked what I use. Heavenly Herbs
Great workshop, I learnt so much and am excited at the possibilites re my health.
Breast-feeding drops
I recommended the Heavenly Herbs Breastfeeding drops to one of my ladies and after 2 weeks of taking them her milk supply was fine
Antiseptic Cream
I had a fungal infection diagnosed by the doctor and had tried 3 different creams. None of them worked. The Heavenly Herbs antiseptic cream has been great and I would recommend it.
Moisturising Cream
I love your moisturising cream. It doesn’t make my skin oily and has a lovely matt finish but moisturises at the same time.
I have always struggled with sleeping on overnight flights to the UK so I decided to try my own sleep drops. During the 11 hour flight I had at least 2 three hour sleeps and arrived so refreshed!! Even my son commented on how well we looked after a long flight. I took them through customs fine as the drops were in a 100ml bottle. Remember to take your sealable plastic bag.
Eczema Cream
The first cream I’ve tried that has worked so far for my 7 year old daughter’s eczema. Every time it flares up I put it back on and it is gone within 24 hours.
Cracked Heel Cream
I used to suffer from dry cracked heels and after a few months of applying once a day they are now lovely and soft
Eczema Cream
Thanks very much for the eczema cream which arrived safely today and is already in use! I’m very glad to have an effective natural product to use. Many thanks.
Baby Bottom Cream
Our baby had very red marks in his creases. After applying the Baby Bottom cream generously just once, we noticed a significant reduction in the color. Keep up the great work!
Haemorrhoid Cream
This cream is the first one I have found that is natural and actually soothes my haemorrhoids without harming the skin
Thyroid Issues
I am truly grateful for my consultations with you. Your genuine interest in my health and your wealth of knowledge regarding herbal remedies were a great comfort and encouragement to me. I struggled with fatigue, lethargy, depression, brain fog and I have been on medication for thyroid issues for about 18 months. After a few months with you, my lab tests showed a TSH virtually normal, and I simply felt so much better! I could get up in the morning, face the new day with thankful anticipation and enjoy meeting with people again. Thank you so much, Maree.
I’m so desperately grateful and happy what you gave me is all natural. You have certainly got me right and I am going every day.
Moisturising Cream
I have been using the moisturiser for about 4 weeks now and have found it to be a very good product. It is not greasy; it absorbs into my skin and gives me a perfect base for applying my makeup. I’ve tried many moisturisers over the years, some of which have been very expensive and this one is the best I have tried. I appreciate that my makeup still looks good at the end of the day which is a sign to me of a good moisturiser. Your product is not perfumed which I really appreciate too.
Eczema Cream
I recently purchased some Eczema Cream from Maree for my AuPair who has battled with bad Eczema on her hands all her life. She was amazed at how much it helped as has tried many different things over the years. I would suggest checking out Heavenly Herbs range and seeing what can help you
Very fun afternoon. Learnt heaps in a very relaxed environment.
Antiseptic Cream
I had a fungal infection diagnosed by the doctor and had tried 3 different creams. None of them worked. The Heavenly herbs antiseptic cream has been great and I would recommend it.
Hi Maree You have made such a difference to my whole life by helping me get over my fear of flying. I have been known to not get on a scheduled flight because of this fear and have missed out on some great travel opportunities - since your treatment I am calm, realistic and have no fear anymore. The test was going to Blenheim on a small plane - this would have seriously tested me in brilliant weather - after your treatment I got on a small plane - free from fear on our worst day of the year!!! I can’t thank you enough and will recommend (and have!! recommended) you to many!
The herbs were great for increasing my milk supply and I noticed an improvement after one week of using them.
Before going to see Maree at Heavenly Herbs I was waking once or twice a night and it usually took 30-40 minutes or longer to get back to sleep. I started taking the Super sleep drops and after about a week I was so much better. I then started going to sleep almost immediately and stayed asleep- no tossing and turning or waking . I totally recommend them. [Note from Maree:If you are having trouble sleeping you are not alone. I work with many clients who have not slept well for years, which affects all aspects of our health. Andrea was taking Super sleep drops I make from herbs which have helped a lot of people]
Comfrey Cream for back pain
I have known Maree for 11 years as a client of my ECOAVO Certified Organic avocados business. I began to use Maree’s Herbal mixtures from March 2013 for my general health and well being and have achieved great results. After talking with Maree about what I was trying to achieve I found her attentive, concerned and very helpful in guiding me to a healthier standard of living. My stresses, lack of sleep and anxieties back in 2005 were addressed and I began to feel much better !! Recently, I contacted Maree again about back problems and her mixture of Comfrey Cream has worked wonders. As a BioGro certified grower since 1983, I had already been using huge amounts of Comfrey in my orchard since 1988, but it took Maree to guide me to the personal use of Comfrey for my own needs. How amazing it is to apply Comfrey to my avocado trees and now myself for general well being !!! I really do recommend to anyone out there that needs ’well being’ help in their lives or simply just ’maintenence’, to contact Maree at Heavenly Herbs.
No energy
When I came to see Maree I was lacking in energy and was only getting 5 hours sleep a night. After doing what she said plus having the energy tea and sleep drops I am feeling very, very good!! If I do wake at night I take the sleep drops and before I know it I am waking up in the morning. That energy tea is great – I now have lots and lots of energy and am more motivated. By early afternoon I used to be fading and would feel like a sleep.
Haemorrhoid Cream
I would recommend the haemorrhoid cream to anyone with haemorrhoids. I used stuff from the chemist and it has done nothing. The Heavenly Herbs cream only took 4 days and they were gone. 
Fluid retention
The biggest issue that was bothering me when I went to see you was having to take the Dr’s diuretics and they were causing me a lot of grief, with cramps and just feeling grotty even tho I did not take them daily as Dr wanted me to. The mixture you made plus the celery daily, has kept me really balanced and almost no cramp, and my weight has remained very stable. That is always a guide for me that I need to get some fluid off. 
Skin issues
I was very fortunate to meet Maree a few years ago at the Hutt Valley Horticultural Society AGM, where Maree gave us a very interesting talk and we were lucky to be able to buy a moisturiser for my hands as with scleroderma the hands become extremely dry and crack, well the Meadow foam oil moisturiser worked a treat, I have tried many other commercial hand creams over the years and nothing has worked as well as this great cream, it doesn’t have any organic solvents in it which is very important for Scleroderma patients and anybody when it comes down to it. 2-3 applications of the cream will heal my hands and I won’t have to re apply for quite a few weeks. You will truly value this cream.
Eczema Cream
The first cream I’ve tried that has worked so far for my 7 year old daughter’s eczema. Every time it flares up I put it back on and it is gone within 24 hours
I have had arthritis for years and about 5 years ago could not move my fingers. Two weeks ago I started applying Heavenly Herbs anti- inflammatory cream to my hands 4 times a day and my fingers are now moving. I am getting to grip glasses and cups as they are improving which I am so pleased about!!!
Antiseptic Cream
I had a rash under my boobs- stinging, red and sore. I put the Heavenly Herbs antiseptic cream on it and it took the heat out of it right away and the rash was gone a few days later. Great stuff!!!
 I brought my 15 year old daughter to see Maree in regards to her acne on her face. She had struggled with this for a year. Maree went through good nutrition with her and encouraged her to make changes. This plus a liver formula and herb tea has set her on the road to recovery and her skin is much better. She is developing great healthy eating habits that will help her overall health.
After 3 months my headaches and hot flushes have all gone and I am so pleased.
I came to see Maree in March , 2015 as my 3 year old daughter was very constipated and only went big toilet once a week with a lot of pain. Maree helped me work out suitable nutrition and gave her relaxing herbs and a soothing cream. A month later I can say she is now having a bowel movement every day with no pain and we are all so pleased. 
It was great briefly chatting to you in Life Pharmacy the other day. I just wanted to say I LOVE the Haemmoroid Cream of yours! I was blown away by how fast it gave me relief and it has certainly decreased the size of the Haemmoroid - And its only been just over 24 hours!! I have recommended the cream to a Facebook group of NZ Mums-to-be due in December, many of whom are also struggling with the same battle as I in their late pregnancy / post birth
Moisturising Cream
The cream is fantastic, have always had very dry flakey skin gone with the wind. So thanks again for that real spoiling.
I just have to tell you that herbal remedy you gave me seems to be really working! I am hardly getting any dizziness and my memory is working quite well again. Yesterday and today my head is clear. Hope it continues!! Do tell Maree Murphy I am amazed at how better my head is.
Breastfeeding Aid
Great, thank you for all your help Maree and thanks for making the breastfeeding drops - they have really helped me (and my baby!)
Tongue infection
I started out with a small lump on my tongue and it was very painful, a few days later I came out in white circles 1-3 of them- they came and went for 8 weeks. I went to my GP and she gave me no answers to my problem. It was then I visited Maree. She felt it was bacterial or viral and gave me a mixture of antimicrobial herbs. I have taken this for 2 weeks and my tongue is completely healed.
Anti- inflammatory cream
I put the anti-flam on before I go for long walks to tell the muscles that they are about to be tested. Then apply again on returning if I am feeling a little achy, which unless I have pushed myself doesn’t happen and I accredit that to the initial application. Not only is the cream effective, but there is no smell with it unlike other products, so that is a bonus for your clothes, furniture, and people around you.
Natural Sunscreen
I’ve discovered a great side effect to your Natural Sunscreen. I had a fall which resulted in quite a red scar on my nose. Whenever I put the Natural Sunscreen on the scar, the redness lessons quite noticeably and it is healing nicely. Thanks, my skin loves using your products!!
Thanks again for helping us get our Noah back on track, it’s such a relief having a healthy, full spirited 3 year old again!
Lovely afternoon, nice setting, full of fun
Moisturising Cream
I suffer from dry skin and the moisturiser feels really nice
Relaxing tea
Since taking your relaxing tea my hypertension is not as bad. The tea is amazing and tastes so nice. If I start stressing I have a cup and feel so relaxed for the day. Thanks so much
I came to see Maree as I was feeling very stressed and not my usual healthy self. We spent an hour going through my health and Maree suggested dietary and lifestyle changes. I also got a herbal formula and some nettle tea. Now 2 weeks later I am feeling heaps better and I’ve had lots of people comment that I sound like my old self again. So that’s positive
Weight loss
This has been a great year. With Maree’s help I have been able to lose 22 kg in weight. People comment about how much slimmer I look, and I feel better too. Maree gave me regular advice on health, nutrition, diet, portions, lifestyle and exercise. I had regular consultations to check on progress, have questions answered and receive additional tips and advice. This kept me accountable to the plan. My family are proud of how I’ve progressed. 
Period pain
I came to see Maree in August 2012 with heavy bleeding and extreme pain during my period which meant I had to take 2-3 days off work each month. Maree helped me with to make changes in my nutrition and lifestyle. She also prescribed a hormone regulating herbal formula and some herb teas. My bleeding is now half the amount it was and I have about a tenth the pain. I never thought herbs would work so quick!!!
Sun screen cream
A very nice product. I like the way it feels on my skin and am very happy using a chemical-free sunscreen
I came to see Maree earlier this year after I had been to my doctor and he told me I was at risk diabetes and had high blood pressure. As I am in my eighties and do not take any medication I was not keen to start if I could help it. Maree helped me make changes in my diet and lifestyle. She also prescribed some herb teas and herbal formulas. After 5 months I went back to my doctor and he said my blood pressure was fine and no diabetes risk anymore. I am so pleased and feel so good
I was struggling with reflux and came for a consult with Maree. She helped me with nutrition advice and gave me a formula of herbs. They really did work and I am feeling so much better.
Anti-inflammatory cream
I’m past retirement age, and I thought a sore shoulder was going to stop me playing table tennis. I used some of your anti-inflammatory cream for a week, the pain has gone and I’m back playing table tennis.
Just want to let you know how much better I am sleeping since using your sleep drops. This has been an ongoing issue for years and I am feeling so much better.
 I brought my 15 year old daughter to see Maree about her acne. She had struggled with this for a year. Maree went through good nutrition with her and encouraged her to make changes. This plus a liver formula and herb tea has set her on the road to recovery and her skin is much better. She is developing great healthy eating habits that will help her overall health. 
Bloating and stomach discomfort
What I liked most about having a consult was the personalised advice. The benefits I am enjoying are more energy, no more bloating or stomach discomfort, my sluggishness has gone. Also my tension and tearfulness has gone...feel like my body is back in hormonal balance!!! I would recommend people see you because your treatments are natural and healthy AND they work. (Plus you know your stuff!! :-)
Platelet count
I had been struggling for a year with a blood disorder (low platelets), low immunity and anxiety. I was increasingly frustrated with the traditional medical approach. I found Maree helpful and knowledgeable with regards to treating my blood disorder. She had plenty of achievable diet changes that I could make, like increasing kale and beetroot that would specifically help my situation. Although it is early days, I have seen significant improvement with my blood results and have also avoided the usual winter bugs so far. I am very grateful.
Period headaches
A few years ago I began to experience headaches around the time of my period. My only solution was to bear with them or take paracetamol, but I thought surely there was a reason for them and if I could find out what was causing them, I might be able to prevent them rather than just treat the symptom. Coming to Maree meant gaining a better understanding of what my body needs in terms of food and exercise and what is not helpful to be putting in to it. Her herbal tincture along with her knowledge and guidance has meant that I no longer have to endure the headaches every month. It has not been a quick fix, it’s been a process, but sometimes good things take time. I am glad to have got to the root of the issue and learnt how to take care better of myself too.
Skin and Immunity
have found your herbal remedies great for improving my skin and boosting my immune system. Many thanks for your help.
Chronic Fatigue
Thank you for your help- it has been really good. When I came to see you my main health issue was chronic fatigue. Feeling groggy a lot of the day. I have improved over time although not entirely better. Found nutrition reminders very helpful so have made a few diet changes and love the herb tea. Knowing I was putting good stuff into my body is good.
When I came to see Maree I had trouble getting to sleep, woke up with very little energy, found it difficult to lose weight and had too little energy to exercise. Maree helped me with my nutrition and worked through the reasons for my lack of sleep. She helped me get going with exercise and now I am feeling less bloated and can go without my coffee if need be. My sleep is brilliant and I have lost weight
I came to see Maree with tinea which was very annoying and I also had trouble getting back to sleep when I woke in the night. The formula you gave me has got rid of the tinea and I am now getting back to sleep with the drops. I am so pleased
I had been suffering from cramps in bed at night. If I stretched at all muscles would seize up, necessitating instant remedial action. Heavenly Herbs herbal medicine and advice has cured the problem in 3 weeks.
Anti-inflammatory cream
My arthritis started this year and has been very painful and affected my walking. Maree gave me some of her cream and right away it made a difference. I have been using it now for 2 weeks and I am walking so much better with hardly any pain. I have been rubbing it in 3 times a day and think it is a great cream
 I have found the remedies great and my menopause symptoms have settled down as well.
Chronic Fatigue
Was so washed out when I came to see Maree and could hardly do anything. Now after 2 months I am feeling so good and able to think about working again. Thanks so much.
Eczema Cream
Maree was able to help us out with her natural creams and remedies where modern medicine had not. Our four year old daughter was suffering from eczema. She was covered in awful patches of it, over most of her torso and especially in the joins of her arms and backs of her legs. We had been to our GP a few times but I was past putting on the steroid creams, which we had done, time and time again to no avail. While we only cut out dairy for a short period of time, this certainly helped and luckily our daughter loved Almond Milk as a substitute. I think what really made a difference was the natural herbal eczema cream Maree provided for us to use. It smelt nice, it felt luxurious and there was a marked improvement to the eczema sites within a matter of days. Where her eczema used to keep her awake at night, due to scratching, we now only apply it on a very irregular basis. She now sleeps solidly through the night and her diet again includes dairy, with no adverse effects. After our first consultation, our daughter commented later "Mum can we go back and see Maree again, it was fun."
Anti-inflammatory cream
I came to see Maree with aching joints in February, 2014 and am feeling so good now. The anti-inflammatory cream was excellent.
I came knowing nothing about herbs and am now so excited about growing and using them.
I came to see Maree in June, 2014 as I was having severe leg cramps most nights. Maree gave me nutritional advice and a herbal formula and I am happy to say 3 weeks later I have only had an occasional cramp in my leg at night.
I came to see Maree with very painful 4th and 5th toes diagnosed as suspected arthritis. Maree gave me her anti-inflammatory cream to put on. After applying, one minute later the pain was gone and I have not had it since. I am very pleased.
In March 2014 a skin rash came up on my face. I went to the Doctor who said it was a virus and prescribed some medication. It made no difference so I came to see Maree. She went through all my nutrition, lifestyle and made some changes. She also gave me an antimicrobial herbal formula and some antiseptic cream. The rash was gone 2 weeks later and I am so pleased.
Eczema Cream
 Thanks Maree for taking care of our daughter Charlotte’s eczema. It only took a couple of weeks from visiting you and the eczema was completely gone from her torso, arms and legs. It only required a slight tweak in her diet and the eczema cream you provided was amazing to say the least. I love that we no longer have to use steroid based creams and to have found a completely natural product that works is a real blessing. Thanks again for your time, dedication and care. You have certainly made a profound difference to Charlotte. No more sleepless nights due to itching and scratching for us!!
High blood pressure
Maree has been helping us with our health for 3 months. When we first contacted her I was very stressed and my blood pressure was 140/80. We have made changes in our nutrition and started exercising. Maree has also given us  herbs for stress which have helped so much. Last week I went to the doctor and my blood pressure is now 125/80 and I am feeling soooo much better!!!
Face Cream
Your face cream is lovely and my skin loves it too.
My wife had previously used Heavenly Herbs Haemorrhoid Cream with good results following the birth of baby number five in April 2012.  Not long after the birth of baby number six in December 2013, she began having some trouble with previous haemorrhoids. She related to me one particularly painful episode when baby was about two weeks old.  Pain began to come on very strongly and within 30 minutes she could no longer remain sitting.  Moving carefully downstairs to the bathroom, she found a haemorrhoid about the size of a grape.  It was extremely painful and it seemed that this mother of all haemorrhoids had the potential to cause pain for days and weeks to follow.  My wife located her pot of cream and gingerly applied it directly to the haemorrhoid.  She then headed back upstairs and sat carefully and quietly.  Around 30 minutes later she tells me she noticed the pain was subsiding.  She went to the bathroom and upon inspecting the haemorrhoid found it was significantly reduced in size. She applied more cream. Two hours later a bowel movement was necessary and to my wife’s great relief, there was virtually no pain. Haemorrhoids are easily manageable using this cream.  My wife is extremely happy to recommend this product as it has truly helped relieve her from haemorrhoid discomfort. Highly recommended.
Sun screen cream
a very nice product. I like the way it feels on my skin and am very happy using a chemical free sunscreen
Eczema Cream
A friend gave me some of your eczema cream to try. I have 3 small children with eczema and I have tried it consistently on my 4 month old baby, her cheeks were a mess with rash and weeping. They are clearing up after 3 days. Thanks so much for your wonderful cream
I had really bad acne on most of my face. I tried Proactive and Clinique and spent heaps of money on it. It helped a bit then the acne all came back. I went to Maree for a consultation and some follow up treatment. She helped me with my nutrition and lifestyle and gave me a herbal formula to help cleanse my liver and a cream for my skin. In 3 weeks my skin was heaps better and after a few months it is like normal
Antiseptic Cream
That cream is really fantastic!!! My hands are completely healed. I would recommend “Heavenly Herbs “to everyone looking for an awesome healthy remedy to a wide range of ailments
Hitting menopause around 50 I experienced a significant drop in energy levels and often was too fatigued to do my usual activities. I skipped trail running and other outdoor pursuits and my overall mood was getting lower and lower. Not to speak of the night sweats and disturbed sleep. I found Maree very helpful in getting those symptoms under control and getting back to normal life. Maree listened carefully and came up with a tailored herbal mixture for me. I was surprised that after only a month of taking the mixture daily I noticed my energy levels coming back, moods getting more buoyant and sleep improved. I therefore can only highly recommend Maree if you have menopausal symptoms you want to get under control.
Breast-feeding drops
Thanks very much for the breastfeeding drops, I think it’s working well and quite easy to take. Just thought it’s nice to get positive feedback.
I enjoyed making the products
Inflammatory Cream
The inflammatory cream works really well and is better than the ones I bought from the shops - I have told lots of my friends, Thanks
Meadow Foam Oil Moisturiser
I have tried many other commercial hand creams over the years and nothing has worked as well as this great cream, it doesn’t have any organic solvents in it which is very important for Scleroderma patients ... Your meadow foam oil moisturiser works a treat. 2-3 applications of the cream will heal my hands and I won’t have to re apply for quite a few weeks. You will truly value this cream
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  • BSc. Otago University (Degree with distinction)
  • Extensive laboratory experience
  • Diploma of Teaching (Post Primary)
  • International College of Herbal Medicine (3-year Diploma)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Natural Fertility
  • On-going training in natural health
  • Member of the New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists