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Epsom Salts

500g bag $5

Epsom Salts are a great source of magnesium and wonderful for adding to a bath or putting in a footbath. Magnesium is a natural tranquilliser and is needed for healthy muscle tone and is essential for heart health. It also helps leg cramps and arthritic pain. Soak for 30 minutes for maximum absorption.

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Great source of magnesium
Natural tranquiliser

Client Feedback

Baby Bottom Cream
Our baby had very red marks in his creases. After applying the Baby Bottom cream generously just once, we noticed a significant reduction in the color. Keep up the great work!
Anti-inflammatory cream
I came to see Maree with aching joints in February, 2014 and am feeling so good now. The anti-inflammatory cream was excellent.
My wife had previously used Heavenly Herbs Haemorrhoid Cream with good results following the birth of baby number five in April 2012.  Not long after the birth of baby number six in December 2013, she began having some trouble with previous haemorrhoids. She related to me one particularly painful episode when baby was about two weeks old.  Pain began to come on very strongly and within 30 minutes she could no longer remain sitting.  Moving carefully downstairs to the bathroom, she found a haemorrhoid about the size of a grape.  It was extremely painful and it seemed that this mother of all haemorrhoids had the potential to cause pain for days and weeks to follow.  My wife located her pot of cream and gingerly applied it directly to the haemorrhoid.  She then headed back upstairs and sat carefully and quietly.  Around 30 minutes later she tells me she noticed the pain was subsiding.  She went to the bathroom and upon inspecting the haemorrhoid found it was significantly reduced in size. She applied more cream. Two hours later a bowel movement was necessary and to my wife’s great relief, there was virtually no pain. Haemorrhoids are easily manageable using this cream.  My wife is extremely happy to recommend this product as it has truly helped relieve her from haemorrhoid discomfort. Highly recommended.
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